• Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

    Looking forward to your balloon ride is almost as good as actually doing it. Anticipation starts bubbling in your stomach as soon as you make the reservation and get the direction to the location for take-off.

    Once you arrive, your journey starts from scratch, meaning that you’ll get to see how the balloon is inflated. This is a really interesting sight, so make sure to bring along your camera! When the balloon is fully inflated, the crew will attach the basket and go through the motions of standard safety checks. When everything is ready, you can hop into the basket and the journey begins!

    First you rise up to the skies and say hello to birds and fluffy white clouds. Then the wind will gently take you on its back and the balloon begins its majestic glide above the beautiful landscape of Florida. Take your time and marvel at the gorgeous view from the comfort of your unique moving observatory. Most flights last for about an hour, though the exact time always depends on weather and most importantly, wind conditions. After you land, please join us for a toast of champagne or juice! Enjoy every wonderful second of your adventure!

    Give us a call now at 1-855-445-8968 to book your balloon ride!

Contact us now at 1-855-445-8968!